In Jesus We Trust


May 20 | First Things First(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

Stand Alone Sermons


May 06 | Scott Smith(Pastor Scott Smith)

May 13 | Dottie Black; Mothers Day(Pastor Dottie Black)

Fixer Upper; Reclaiming Your Life


March 25 | Judas: What Could Have Been?(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 01 | Reclaiming Your Future(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 08 | Demo Day(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 15 | Change Orders(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 22 | The Big Reveal(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 29 | Trusting God's Vision(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

Who Needs God


February 04 | A new Atheism(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

February 11 | God of the No Testament(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

February 18 | The Bible Tells Me So(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

February 25 | What Jesus Had to Say About God(Pastor Roy Ferguson)


Past Series



Past Series


August 13 | You Were Made on Purpose for a Purpose(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

August 06 | God's Love For Us(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

July 30 | The Called: Whatever It Takes(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

July 23 | The Called: The Power of a Whisper(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

July 16 | The Called: Faithfully Following God in Spite of Our Fear(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

July 09 | The Called: Life lessons from Elijah - Living in God's Power(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

June 04 | Family Matters: Three Reactions to Deep Wounds(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

May 28 | Family Matters: Controlling Your Character(Pastor Scott Smith)

May 21 | Family Matters: How to Endure an Imperfect Family(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

May 7 | How to Grow From Your Pain(Cecil Murphy)

April 30 | The Significance of the Insignificant(Cecil Murphy)

April 23 | How to Get Through What You are Going Through(Colleen Stevenson)

April 16 | The Day God Built a Bridge(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 9 | There's a Place for You at the Table(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

April 2 | A Sermon From Scott Smith(Pastor Scott Smith)

March 26 | Outrageous Love(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

March 19 | Interview with Jean Brown(Pastor Roy Ferguson)



Can God Be Trusted?


February 26 | A Sermon from Keith McEntire(Keith M)

February 19 | How to Experience God Empowering Your Life(Pastor Roy Ferguson)

February 12 | God is Always Present(Pastor Roy Ferguson)





Jesus: Up Close and Personal 



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"Unleashed to Live Generously, Serve Creatively, Impact Eternally"


"Mothers Day - Special Guest"


"Is God Listening?"


"How to Determine Your Life Expectancy"


March 20 | Control and the Other Side of If

Pastor Roy Ferguson

March 27 | Light Bulb Moments

Pastor Roy Ferguson

March 13 | Clarifying Your Life Expectancy

Pastor Roy Ferguson