Church Website Upgrades to HTTPS (SSL)

You will notice something different when visiting! In your browser bar you will find a padlock and the word Secure (if you are browsing with Chrome) before the church’s URL. This padlock is displayed whenever a site uses SSL to encrypt its connection between the client (your computer) and the server (the computer the website runs on). When SSL is used to encrypt your connection, other people will not be able to see the contents of what you are sending or receiving, they wont even be able to see the individual pages you have visited on our site (only that you have visited This adds an incredible amount of security. We have never collected private or sensitive information through this website, so this upgrade was not essential for security purposes (other than added browsing privacy), but there are someother reasons for this upgrade. First, Google has changed their algorithm to favor sites that have SSL encryption. This means that sites which utilize SSL will rank higher in search results. This is important as google searches are a big potential source for new members looking for their first church family. Secondly, this upgrade is needed for the upcoming Busti Church of God App. I”ll have an article out with more information about that app soon. Finally, using SSL secures our ability to introduce new features in the future which may require an additional level of security which SSL provides. Its going to be an exciting summer for technology at Busti Church of God, check back with the Church Tech Blog for more news and developments. While you’re at it, check out Pastor Roy’s Blog too. You can find both blogs @

~ Jared Brown