2014 Uganda Trip

Africa - 4 of 148A group of 12 traveled to Uganda, East Africa from July 14 - Aug 2, 2014 to conduct eye clinics, hygiene seminars, a Pastoral leadership conference, as well as teaching and interacting with individuals whom God puts in our path. Team members were:

Norma Jean Angelo,  Anna Ferguson, Pastor Roy Ferguson, Sally Ferguson, Lana Lanphier, Keith McEntire, Melissa McEntire, Rachel McEntire, Dr. Donna Morhous, Carol Robison, Rob Robison, and Teresa Stevens.

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Timothy and Colleen Stevenson and Family


StevensonsTim and Colleen married in Canada and have four children; two daughters, Tiffany and Natasha, both whom were born in Uganda while they were serving as special assignment missionaries. They also have two sons, Jesse, born in Canada, and Logan born in Zambia.

The Stevensons went to Uganda as career missionaries in 1990 but served as special assignment missionaries for four years before making that decision. They currently live in Kampala, Uganda. Tim is very involved in many development projects for the Ugandan church and is a gifted builder/contractor. Colleen is serving as administrator for three large children’s aid programs, and works extensively with dozens of schools and women’s groups throughout the country. They wear a multitude of hats and find it rewarding, both spiritually and physically. Please pray that there will be others who will follow God's call to Uganda to help them further this exciting ministry!

Stevenson's anniversary July 28
Tim's birthday June 7
Colleen's birthday July 1
Tiffany's birthday June 25
Natasha's birthday is May 11
Jesse's birthday December 15
Logan's birthday September 14

 PO Box 1353
Kampala, Uganda (East Africa)

Email: cog@imul.com

Heart for Lebanon


MelkisCamille and Hoda Melki and family May-lee and Amy

Camille and Hoda, his wife, answered a call from God to reach out to Lebanese families that have been ravaged by war. This ministry seeks to address the social and spiritual needs of these families.

Melki's anniversary February 27
Camille's birthday September 14
Hoda's birthday September 14
May-lee's birthday January 8
Amy's birthday May 14

Email: camille.melki@heartforlebanon.org

Nate and Amy Kidder


Nate and Amy Kidder and their daughter have served in Sudan, Africa since 2006. Their blog can be found
atwww.undertheafricanrain.com. Here are their stories:

I was born and raised in western NY as part of a Christian family. I knew about the Lord at an early age as a result of good Sunday School teachers and godly parents. When I was 5 years old, I decided to follow Jesus with the limited understanding I had of what that meant. As I grew older, I also grew in the knowledge of my salvation. My first exposure to missions work was in our church youth group under the leadership of a great youth pastor. We went to Mexico to build houses for poor families and I felt the first tug at my heart toward international ministry.

I got my first job when I was around 12 years old as the batboy for the Expos baseball club, a minor league affiliate of the old Montreal Expos. There were also odd jobs as a landscaper and house painter through which I was able to save enough money to pay for college. After Amy_Kiddergraduating high school with the desire to be a pastor, I went to M.B.I. for 4 years. It was during that time that I worked in a Sudanese refugee camp in Ethiopia and felt a final and indelible call to missions.

In 2003, I joined SIM USA as a single missionary and raised support to serve in Sudan. Three years later, I arrived in Africa and my life would be forever changed.

I was born in Western Canada, in a small town with a big Bible College. My dad was on staff there and then became a student at the Bible College, as my parents sensed God calling them into cross-cultural mission work. When I was 3 years old, they joined a Canadian mission organization that ministers to First Nations and Inuit people across northern Canada. At age 7, my parents moved our family to a small Inuit village in the Arctic and by age 10 I was speaking 3 languages pretty well--English at home, French at primary school, and Inuktitut with all my friends. I learned how to enjoy playing outside at -40 C and how to throat sing with elderly Inuit ladies. Through my 9 years in this village and during my travels throughout the North with my parents, the Lord gave me a love for cross-cultural ministry.

When I was 12 years old, I began to learn about Africa and was completely intrigued by all things African. During my teen years, I became very interested in health care and wanted to become a nurse. I'll fast forward a bit now to age 20. I applied for a children's nursing program in London, England and was accepted in the fall of 2000. During my nursing studies, I went on 2 short-term mission trips to Sierra Leone, West Africa to work with orphans. It was there that my love for Africa and African people was cemented and the Lord imprinted war-torn areas on my heart.

By 2006, I was finished all the extra training I wanted to do in London and had 2 and a half years of experience under my belt as a registered children's nurse in an emergency department. I couldn't wait to get back to Africa! I returned to Canada for a while and applied to go to Sudan with SIM Canada as a long-term missionary nurse. The Lord provided my financial support through many wonderful people and I arrived in Africa on July 1st 2007, almost 4 years ago now. The Lord has made many surprising changes in my life since then!

Nate and Amy's anniversary is July 5 (2008)

Nate's birthday - March 15

Amy's birthday - May 7

Karina's birthday - Sept. 10