What We Must Do to Follow Jesus

In Luke 3, John the Baptist is fulfilling the purpose that God had given him. That purpose was to tell people that they must repent from their sins and be baptized. This means making a choice to turn away from one’s sins in order to live a life that honors Jesus.

John isn’t just making things up as he goes, but rather he quotes Isaiah from chapter 40, verses 3-5, where he foretells Jesus’ coming and what He will do for all who choose to become fully devoted followers.

Four hundred years prior to Jesus’ birth, Isaiah said that we need to prepare a way for Jesus in our lives by walking away from the baggage of our past, and putting our hope for the future in Him as He reveals His will and desire for our lives. When we do that, Jesus will do for us what only He can do.

When Isaiah said that every valley would be filled in and every mountain and hill made low. When he said that every crooked path would be made straight, he was referring to the fact that Jesus would deal with our sins by wiping them away forever!

The best part of the Isaiah prophecy that John reminds us of is the fact that Jesus didn’t just come for Jews, but for all mankind. This is why Jesus would say in John 3:16,

So in order to discover the fulfillment of what God planned for us from the very beginning, we need to walk away from the baggage of our past and embrace the hope that Jesus came to bring to our future. And the best way to seal that relationship with Jesus is to go public and be baptized!

I’m praying for those who read this that you may follow these instructions from God’s Word.