Women’s Connection

Women's Connection


The Women’s Connection

 Why do we call ourselves “The Women’s Connection?” 

Because we are dedicated to finding ways
for the women of our church to connect to each other
and to the world beyond. 

We believe that we are stronger together!

 In a fast-paced culture
where people are isolated by hectic lifestyles,

we’ve found the need to make time together a priority.

Our events vary,

sometimes we gather at the church to discuss topics

 that are relevant to our lives. 

This gets the conversation rolling
so that we can go beyond surface issues. 
Sometimes we go on road trips to glean a different perspective

and a fresh take on life. 

But the common denominator to all of our events

 is the desire to connect women to women

and to cultivate relationships that bolster our faith.

How about you? 

Are you satisfied with a hello on Sunday morning,

or are you ready to connect on a deeper level? 

We look forward to spending time with you!

Women’s Connection Officers
President                                  Vicky Whitford                
Vice-President                          Jeanie Hall                              
Treasurer                                  Norma Jean Angelo                
Stewardship                             Ronda Whitford                     
Mission/Program Resource    Nichole Johnson
Historian                                   Barbara Garfield
Secretary/Shower Coord.       Brenda Anderson   
Spiritual Life Leader                Jean Brown
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